The DOOMSDAY SHELTER can help you, and we will. But please remember WE ARE NOT medical  professionals, and NONE OF the activities and philosophies discussed here are officially endorsed by any faction of medical science.

We are just people like you, who somehow crawled their way out of the darkness and would like to share our stories and methods with you, in the hopes you might one day do the same. We are rooting for you, and we have your back. But you need to be ALIVE for any of this to work. 

If you feel you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, please contact your local emergency services and a trusted friend, family member, neighbor, or even a helpful stranger. Click on any of the links below for additional assistance and information. 

The darkness is deep, but it is not infinite; it can't rain all the time, and it won't.


Jason Fylan-Mares 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (online chat)