i would be nowhere, i would be nothing, if not for my voice; it encapsulates my beliefs, my dignity, my humor, my identity.


the doomsday shelter understands you might feel like your voice is stifled, muzzled, renered moot because it doesn't sing the same tune as the masses. that belief, and its basis in reality, is all the more damaging in a time when we all want to scream just TO be acknowledged, to FEEL LIKE WE matter. at the doomsday shelter, you MOST CERTAINLY matter. 


Join us. scream, yell, stomp your feet, swear; you have my word there will be someone on the other side to help absorb your frustration and help you mold it into something positive. 


and please don't ever apologize for how you feel, lest you surrender your own dignity, your humor, your identity; those are losses none of us can afford, as they are the most difficult things to get back.


Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, and welcome to THE CEREBRAL SPEECH SANCTUARY; YOUR VOICE HAS FOUND A HOME WORTHY OF ITS vitality.