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This show was originally set for Sunday, December 12th; named "I'll Be Home for Doomsday;" and I was going to headline it with a full forty-five.


Then I thought we could make it a three-or-four-headed "headliner" show, with each comic doing twenty to thirty minutes.


Eventually I settled on a showcase format: just a big, fun, silly celebratory holiday show with as many comedy friends as possible.


When I reached out to Brad Wenzel in the hopes of locking him up for 2022, he mentioned he would be in town and free during the holidays: not on the date of our show, but exactly one week later, on the 19th.


GravCap was kind enough to move the show one week later (though I feared it might be too close to Christmas to draw a full house), and I scrambled to find new spots for the people I had already booked.


When we started doing these shows, my top two standup comedy draft picks were Dave Landau and Brad Wenzel. Since Brad bounces back and forth between Detroit and L.A., I knew grabbing him right then and re-building the show around him was the way to go.


And it paid off huge.