We at the Doomsday Shelter are looking for a few good women, or men, or whatever. If you can bring the funny, we would love to have you on our shows. We do not care how long you have been doing comedy; we're leaving that gate-keeper/edge-lord/social media/middle school bullshit in the past with the dinosaurs who live to perpetrate it. What we do care about is a sense of professionalism. We believe:

-A show should always start on time.

-Comedy is a vital, essential performance art, and should be respected as such.

-A performance artist should practice their craft clean and sober, or not at all. 

-Censorship is un-American; we want you to be yourself. However, we still must abide by any guidelines passed down from the performance venue and its management.

-A comic should be able to get consistent laughs while keeping it clean, even if they do not normally perform in such a manner.

-A comic's greatest gift is their ability to see the world from a unique perspective and mold that viewpoint into a relateable anecdote and punchline. Your jokes about weed, masturbation, getting older, your wife's cooking, etc., can all still be certified gold under the right circumstances; under the wrong circumstances they will be always be certified coal. You can do better.

-We do not tell jokes for the specific purpose of offending or hurting...ever. However, nor do we design our sets around trying not to offend or hurt. Can you find the space between those ideas? Anything can offend or hurt anyone, at any time. Do a good job of serving what you bring to the table, and the audience will join you for dinner.


Thank you for your interest in taking Shelter. Drop us an email at: